medicine woman

I did this photoshoot with my friend Kaylee late in the summer of this year.  I really liked the way it came out. We basically through together the styling last minute with things we had around the house; some from the altar, some buried away in boxes and rediscovered for this purpose.

I really enjoy when a client lets me have some freedom to style my own shoots. It’s a transcendent experience to be able to imagine the image in my head and actually see it through start to finish. This shoot was one of those rare instances where I got to do just that.

When styling a shoot, I try to focus on color and texture. For example, the big heavy stone necklace is offset by the poofy fox fur, which is again contrasted by the bright pattern scarf. I usually do makeup last for costume-heavy shoots. The clothes and background tend to set the color pallet for me.

More photos can be seen on my flickr. Fair warning, some of them are a bit NSFW.

I’m shooting another set tomorrow morning of a similar vein, but with a more winter theme with my friend Rachel. I can’t wait to see how that one turns out!


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