the warehouse

So people have been asking me about our warehouse, and I thought I’d take a minute to explain. My fiancee and I recently rented a warehouse in Williamsport, Pa in a complex called the in Williamsport, Pa. This will eventually be the location of both our house and shop, but as we wait for some zoning issues to get fixed, we’re still located in Bradford, Pa.
The Pajama Factory has a long history, at different points it has been a factory for rubber, pajamas, shoes, and underwear. Several years ago, it was purchased by a new owner, who has been diligently working to fill it with artists from around the world. The new shop will give us the ability to live right next to other artists, have room to hold classes, and provide a space we can show our work.
While several buildings have been refurbished, our section was rented as-is. We have a lot of work to do before it’s in perfect condition, but our hopes are high. Once it’s completely finished I’m certain it’s going to be a very functional and aesthetically pleasing space.
Here are some shots I took of our new place a while ago, when the brick work was still covered in beautiful ivy.

So far all the other artist we’ve met in the building have been really great; very inspirational people. I’m so excited to live there full time!


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